Swiss Wine Gourmet - The Label

The Swiss Wine Gourmet label recognizes HORECA establishments that support and promote Swiss wines.

A Swiss Wine Gourmet label to recognise your efforts

  • 1 glass of gold for a wine list from your region
  • 2 glasses of gold for a wine list with two or more Swiss wine regions
  • 3 glasses of gold to greet the cards that represent Switzerland and its six wine regions

You will receive the label as a sticker with the according glasses for your restaurant once a year.
The Swiss Wine Gourmet label als appears on partner sites such as Swiss Tourism.

How to Register for the Swiss Wine Gourmet Label

If you would like to be listed as a restaurant on the Swiss Wine Gourmet site and receive the label once a year please send an email with a PDF of your wine list directly to [email protected] or send a letter with a copy of your wine list to: 

Swiss Wine Promotion AG
Belpstrasse 26
3007 Bern

When you register for the label, you will automatically be listed in our online directory free of charge. Registration is open to all businesses that promote Swiss wine.

This activity has essentially 3 objectives:

  • Promote Swiss wines in restaurants across the country.
  • Strengthen the links between Swiss wine producers and restaurateurs.
  • Offer consumers the opportunity to discover the diversity of Swiss wines in restaurants.

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